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Martin Laarman from Gate Garching

Martin Laarman from Gate Garching

Meet Martin, Coworking Expert and Cluster 2020 partner from Gate Garching in Munich, they’ve surveyed 13 top coworking centres from Helsinki to London. Have a look at his article on co-working.

Coworking has come of age! It’s not just about desks and cheap internet. Strong communities and exciting functional spaces are keys to success.

The details really matter too:

> A zoned environment: cozy, comfy, functional and quiet

> Café, kitchen and sometimes a bar!

> Conference rooms and private phoning spaces

> Staging area with regular events

> Members notice board, photos and lockers

> Hosts to welcome and make connections

> Community rituals, like regular snacks and meals together

Martin’s excellent report – with over 200 photos, will be available soon at

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