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Cluster 2020’s Global Trends Study … You Can Help!

New Ideas & Markets for Creative Businesses

Cluster 2020 will launch shortly a consultation on Trends and how they affect Creative & Digital businesses. At the heart of this study is a question “Where are the best potential new markets and opportunities for creative and digital businesses?” By identifying key growth sectors, emerging industries and relevant trends we can help individual SME’s make decisions about where they should spend effort breaking into new markets and developing new products. We can also help policymakers understand where to best focus their policy instruments.

The Study can be downloaded here soon. We are asking for experts and interested parties to please consider the questions and add their comments at our commentpress site, access details will also be available soon.

For those in the UK we are running workshops to consider all the comments on the 24th and 25th April 2013. Please contact us for more details of these. Comments and further studies will take place in Munich and Toulon later in the year, information will be added when available.



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This project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.