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Creativity + Productivity = Success

The big question for all of us is how to increase our own productivity. The big question for creative people is how to combine this productivity with our creativity, because Creativity + Productivity = Success.   This guide lists a number of helpful productivity tools, but before implementing new tools business wide you should take steps to implement some basic productivity measures for yourself:

  • Use your experience
  • Don´t waste time with unproductive meetings
  • Work isn´t everything
  • Have good people around you
  • Write to-do lists the day before
  • Do one thing at a time

But that is our own motivation and thoughts about how to be productive. The world helps us with many well customized tools which support daily work and increase our productivity. Think about which categories of tools could really help you and your business deliver better smarter services to your customers.

Data / File Management

Cloud computing and file sharing is one of the established management systems of the last years. The first GB of data are mostly free. If you want to use the services extensively you have to pay.

Innovation & Product Development

Developing new ideas is the core business of any entrepreneur and the most important topic when you’re growing an existing business or establishing a new one. Examples include:

Hiring / Training /Mentoring

Outsourcing parts of your workload by hiring freelancers can be a great option to get things done faster and professionally. By hiring freelancers for special projects you can concentrate on your main focus and work more efficiently in all fields. Examples include:

Financial / Accountancy

Some sort of book keeping applications or tools are essential for any business. Creatives often dislike this rather essential financial stuff! Some tools help you invoice your customers and get your money quicker. But be careful: “Writing an invoice is not the same as having the cash at your bank account.” Another useful saying “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”, this highlights how easy it is to work very hard, building turnover without being sure that the costs of doing that work are kept down, so there is some money left over at the end of the month … some profit.


IT-Tools help you to manage and organize your data. Depending on your strategy you can go with self-hosted or cloud solutions.


There are a lot of tools to optimize and to simplify your office work. Here you can find some interesting solutions that will help you with daily work:

Photo / Audio /Video

If you are low on budget and/or want to create a preview of a product that does not even exist or just want to decorate your marketing material with images or videos you should consider using and editing stock material.

Project & Time Management

Project & Time Management Tools are a great way to organize your daily work. During the last years a lot of project management methods evolved and some of this tools specialize on specific methods.

Sales / Marketing /Surveys

A brand helps to differentiate your products from others. It is some kind of quality mark that adds value to your products. To keep track of your customers you should consider using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Surveys can help you to make decisions based on customer feedback.



Social Media

Managing your social media channels can consume a lot of time. Those tools can help you to identify stakeholders in social media and speed up the process of distributing content across your channels.

Technical Tools for Developers

Sometimes you don’t need to build anything from scratch. In the last years a lot of tools were developed to boost your ideas.

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