Published reports and presentations from Cluster 2020 include the following…


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The executive summary of Cluster 2020’s impacts and outcomes has been published. 100+ events …. a multitude of tests, reports and policy recommendations. Click here to read more and download the reports.



ca-landing page-oct14s Creative Accelerator – smarter business Support  

Creative Accelerator is a new approach to creative business support, combining expert face-to-face advice with a set of on-line tools and a dashboard. Read more about this pilot action and download the full report and evaluation here


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Create. Innovate. Grow. Main Policy Recommendations Report of ECIA  Cluster 2020’s work around cluster excellence has helped shape the final recommendations contained in the report. Download the report here or read more about the report and download from the main ECIA website.


Creative Cluster Excellence and Cooperation: Policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of Creative Clusters and their managementRead the cluster excellence report. Download the report here or read more and download from the main ECIA website. Cluster 2020 played a major role in writing this report in collaboration with the Berlin Senate. This version is listed as a draft but is in fact the final version. 

shutterstock_99309206Growth Opportunities for Creative Businesses   Cluster 2020 has run a study in four regions across Europe to better understand key market trends and which high growth or emerging sectors provide the best business opportunities for creatives. read more



How businesses can use Data to increase their Competitive Advantage

Cluster 2020 has run three pilots in the UK and France which has enabled creative businesses to work with data experts. This report summarises how the pilots were run and explains the considerable benefits that all businesses could get from using data better to bring them competitive advantage.  read more

Best Practices for building Creative Cluster Coworking centres Coworkers having breakfast together at Werk1 in Munich

Coworking centres are a great way of doing business. But they are much more than just a hot-desk with internet! Gate Garching, from Cluster 2020, have visited fifteen of the leading coworking centres around Europe to find out the keys of their success.   read more …



Best Incubation Practices aimed at supporting Creative & Digital Businesses  – This report from Cluster 2020 surveys eight creative sector focused incubation centres from Europe to the Middle East. It identifies the essential components of successful incubators .  read more …


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Cluster Excellence and ‘Creative Industry Friendliness’ Report 

This report identifies the factors that make a programme, service or grant opportunity suitable or ‘friendly’ for use by creative businesses. It proposes a test which scores five factors that measure suitability for use by creatives. Read more…

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ECIA Policies in Mindmaps

Cluster 2020 has prepared a set of 10 mind-maps that summarises all of the policy measures from ECIA, including all of the themed reports, around access-to-finance, clustering etc. download here.

shutterstock_133752830-crop Report on Informed Cluster Findings – this is a summary report of the activities completed within Work package 1. It summarises the work around the CI Friendliness Test, Growth Opportunities and Using Data to bring Competitive Advantage to Creative businesses. It includes case study information. Download the report here.


Driving Practical Cross-sectoral Collaboration through Coworking Centres & 'Stress Tests'
This presentation is a quick overview forming part of the Large Scale Demonstrator workshops 
in Brussels, Feb 2014. It looks at keys to collaboration via coworking centres and initial findings on Stress 
Tests to deliver cross-innovation, full results later in 2014.
Cluster 2020 Overview - Know More Work Smarter Collaborate Better - 2014
Presentation that gives a quick overview of all aspects of the Cluster 2020 project prior to its full 
reporting of findings later in 2014. Jan 2014 PD
Policy Context Model - proposal for setting out the overall policy blueprint recommendations from ECIA, 
enabling us to differentiate between national, regional, local and individual stakeholder policy requirements 
PPoint  Nov13
Policy Context Model 2-sider - explaining the proposed model in more detail  Word  Nov13
Enterprise & Innovation Policy Recommendations - discussion paper connecting creative industry 
policies to wider policy making. This document was developed for the Local Enterprise Partnerships in 
the UK who are re-establishing regional policies in the UK when new funding is available from 2014 
Developing Next Generation Clusters & Business Support - discussion paper from David Furmage 
exploring the top issues to be considered when building creative clusters and the overall support ecosystem. (PDF - Sep12)
Know More. Work Smarter. Collaborate Better. Insights into Business Priorities from Cluster 2020 
Summary presentation highlighting key findings so far from a business perspective. Project Lead includes 
some personal business experiences in the slides to illustrate the value of our findings to data. 
PPoint - Oct13
Cluster 2020 Intro & Results So Far - explains what ECIA is and introduces what we are testing 
to validate our policy recommendations PPoint Apr13
Developing Next Generation Business Support - introduction to Cluster 2020, its aims, outcomes and 
targets PPoint Nov12 
About Cluster 2020 - 2-sider summary of project and its objectives PDF June13
Cluster 2020 Leaflet -brief intro to the project aims from a SME perspective (PDF - Jan13)
Cluster 2020 Banner - banner graphics used on marketing materials (PDF - Jan13)
What is Cluster 2020 in 100 Words - PDF July13
What is Cluster 2020 in 300 Words - Word July13
What is Cluster 2020 from Academic Perspective - PDF July13

ECIA Flyer - an overview of all 9 projects working together under the European Creative Industries Alliance PDF Oct13
Growth Opportunities for CCIs in the West Midlands - Findings - presentation of our broad findings, 
where is the money, top sectors, snergies, technologies, markets and connections  PPOint  Sep13
Doing Business - Creative SME Findings - West Midlands  - results of business workshop finding out 
the current climate for creative businesses in the West Midlands region, identifying their top issues and 
concerns.   PDF - June12
Cluster 2020: Growth Opportunities in West Midlands - consultation & evidence - background 
findings and evidence under-pinning our work identifying new growth opportunities for CCI's in the 
West Midlands PDF Sep13

Doing Business - Creative SME Findings - Manchester North West - results of business workshop 
finding out the current climate for creative businesses in Greater Manchester, identifying their top issues
and concerns. 
Cluster 2020: Growth Opportunities for Greater Manchester - background findings and evidence 
under-pinning our work identifying new growth opportunities for CCI's in Greater Manchester  PDF Apr13

Key Strengths & Growth Opportunities in PACA Region, France - summary of key findings from 
workshops on regional strengths and opportunities for creative business growth
Gap Analysis - demand for expert videos to support Creatives - study exploring availability of expert 
video clips online that support CCI business owners. Highlights gaps and areas of potential demand for 
expert videos (used as basis of tender to commission expert videos to help SMEs)
Creative Accelerator - introduction to our business support tool - Cluster 2020 are piloting a 
new approach to SME business support, by offering a hybrid solution, part face2face expert advisor and 
part on-line toolkit and dashboard. We're trying to achieve high quality advice for less money. PPoint Apr13

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