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An important part of Cluster 2020’s work has been the Policy Recommendations role it has carried out, in collaboration with the other projects of ECIA. Two major reports have been published:

Cluster Excellence & Cooperation – thematic Report

This report identifies 5 key recommendations for developing clusters within regions.

  1. Support Creative Clusters as a core component of regional ecosystems and a driver of economic growth for all business sectors
  2. Adapt existing business support measures to ensure they can be used effectively by creative businesses
  3. Stimulate regional Innovation and Growth by enabling cross-sector collaborations between creative industries and other sectors
  4. Develop better Business Support programmes, through cluster organisations and SME intermediaries, to identify and focus towards higher-growth potential SME’s
  5. Optimize the effectiveness of cluster organisations by the professionalisation of their management

Cluster 2020 was the main writer of this report, in collaboration with the Berlin Senate.


Create. Innovate. Grow. A new policy agenda to maximize the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries.

This is the main policy output of ECIA. This report makes 10 recommendations under three themes:

  1. Stimulate innovation and growth by enabling cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Introduce creative innovation voucher schemes
  • Stimulate cross-sectoral innovation through public-private innovation challenges
  1. Build better business support and access to finance in effective regional ecosystems
  • Test new and review existing business support services and financing schemes
  • Develop and support capacity building in regional clusters
  • Enable and support SME internationalisation efforts
  • Launch new and innovative financing schemes to support creative SMEs
  • Stimulate investments in creative industries through effective regional ecosystems
  • Support new initiatives to achieve better Intellectual Property Valuation for creative SMEs

III. Measure and raise awareness of the value of the cultural and creative industries as a key driver of innovation and growth

  • Map and measure the effects and value of the creative industries in the wider economy
  • Incentivise and support stronger advocacy for cultural and creative industries

Cluster 2020 made a significant contribution to the structure and content of this overall report.


In addition,  Cluster 2020 has published two discussion papers:

Next Generation Clusters & Business Support Sept12 and Enterprise & Innovation Policy Recommendations (UK) Discussion PaperThese discussion papers have been used in the UK, to contribute to the Local Enterprise Partnerships submission to the central government and the EU and to help launch new creative clusters in the West Midlands.

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