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First, Know More … Understanding Growth Opportunities. We’ve studied the West Midlands, Manchester, Munich and Toulon. We’ve found some interesting stuff already around Themes, Enablers and Clusters.

1. Growth Themes: Expectations are very high in terms of what clients want of creative/digital companies (and many other industries besides) Clients want:

> Delivery .. Faster, better cheaper

> Design excellence, not just the ‘shiny stuff’ at the end, but design innovation throughout the process.

> Personalisation, mead easy and cheap, using standardization ‘under-the-hood’ to keep costs down.

> Production, they want smaller runs, delivered quicker than ever

> Total Flexibility … Everything. Everywhere. Right Now!

> Digital advantage, leveraged to give the client an edge.

2. Horizontal Enabler: The Creative industries and digital media are a horizontal enabler, like ICT. So there is potential work to be found across all sectors…from manufacturing and automotive to environmental and energy.

There is also potential money in:

> Collaborative working across skill sets

> Public sector procurement of innovation

> Specialist contracts … because businesses outsource more services these days

> ‘Doing Digital’ needs to be done with perzaz!!! to keep winning work

Creatives ARE the solution to client needs and issues. Its just making sure everyone understands that!

3. Growth Clusters: Every region has its high growth Clusters.

In the West Midlands … Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Medical Technology, Automotive, Environmental and Energy and Digital Media itself.

Business opportunities do not appear without help! We recommend putting in place Sector Brokers. Experts who can identify the needs of a sector and connect them to the right digital or creative businesses to help.

We have done some extensive study around growth Opportunities, learn more at


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