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Growth Opportunities for Creative Businesses







Cluster 2020 have analysed what the high growth opportunities will be for creative businesses in the near future. Creative businesses are no longer defined by traditional sub-sectors (film, TV, games etc.), digital technology is changing the landscape for creative industries and the boundaries of traditional markets are becoming blurred.

This also presents an opportunity and non-CI sectors (healthcare, manufacturing, automotive etc.) are increasingly looking to the creative and digital industries to provide solutions to traditional problems or issues.

The opportunities vary per region and are defined [to a certain extent] by the development infrastructure in place, but a snapshot of the key growth sector opportunities in the pilot areas of Cluster 2020 include the following:

  • West Midlands (UK)- Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Heritage & Tourism
  • Greater Manchester (UK) – Healthcare, Fashion/Textiles/Retail, Heritage & Tourism
  • PACA Region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France) Tourism, Environment, Maritime, Aeronautic, E-learning, Telecommunication, Manufacturing
  • Munich, Bavaria (Germany) – Publishing Industry, Advertising- and Communication Industry, ICT-Services, ICT-Production

The report identifies further support needed across regions too. For example, the West Midlands requires:

  • More business led R&D in region.
  • More access to sources of knowledge and expertise for businesses.
  • More engagement between businesses and universities.
  • Establishment of an innovation advisory service for the Creative Industries.
  • More support for open innovation initiatives.
  • More knowledge transfer partnerships, with more skilled people from universities going into creative/digital businesses.
  • Increased capability of regional research effort is needed to meet the need of digital businesses.
  • More relevant demonstrator projects, helping creative & digital SME’s become more commercial.
  • Greater Commercial acumen is needed in university/research sectors.
  • More funding types to help the development and commercialization of new ideas.

Download the full report here.


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