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Next Generation Clusters & Support. Discuss!

characteristics of creative and digital businesses…click in for more detail

Cluster 2020 has begun a discussion on what the shape of next generation clusters and business support should be. using a summary of established wisdom displayed as mindmaps the paper considers a range of topics which include:

> What are the key characteristics of Creative & Digital Clusters

> What are the four core things required for Cluster Excellence

> What are the main cluster success factors

> How does knowledge exchange look within clusters, including an increasing awareness of the need to become a part of the regions innovation ecosystem.

> How do we measure excellence in cluster management and good performance through the use of cluster indicators.

We’ve drawn-up some initial priorities for creative clusters. We think they need to be: an honest broker, make trusted connections, be very knowledgeable about the sector, take the pain out of accesing support, be brilliant at innovation, build genuinely valuable business knolwedge, be inspirational, have excellent cluster managers, set clear policies. Offer great member services….. So not much then!

Read the full discussion paper here.  Developing-next-gen-clusters&support-discussion paper-3Sept12 Join the discussion and have your say. Contact us via this site or join our Linked in group ‘Supporting Creative Businesses’ for more.



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