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Fragmented Support & No Trust

SME’s meet to discuss business support in Birmingham, UK

Cluster 2020 has published its initial findings from two workshops it ran with creative businesses in the Birmingham and Manchester city regions of the UK. It found startling evidence of business support badly fragmented and lacking any clear way of engaging with each business, understanding their needs or signposting what might be ‘out there’ to help them. Since regional structures were abolished, the new local approach has pitted different bussiness support suppliers against each other. This has led to a priority to chase businesses to get them to ‘sign up for specific services’, without understanding the over-view. Businesses don’t know where to turn to, who to trust or how to identify the full range of services they actually need.

We believe that clusters and government policy has a key role in tackling this issue head-on. We are doing further studies in Germany and France too, with results to follow and an overall summary of findings available later in the year. This will inform the way we implement trial member services to help creative businesses grow and succeed. For further information: have a look at our 2-sider interim reports…





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