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Finance for Creatives – 4 short videos launched


Cluster 2020 and Creative England have made a series of 7-8 minute ‘expert’ videos, each discussing a key topic with a number of industry practitioners. They have launched 4 videos around finance, whilst focused on creatives, much of what is said is applicable to SMEs from other industries too.

Money: The investors view – asks how creative businesses should be accessing different types of finance, with investors sharing their advice.

Funding Start-Ups and SMEs – looks at the options when starting up a creative business

Growing a Company – looks at the consequences of growth within a business, including how staff and the overall culture can be affected.

Crowd Funding – is flavour of the month right now, but how should you approach trying to get crowd funding for your business?

To see the more than 25 expert videos already available, go to cluster2020live/videos.


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