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Creative Accelerator is a new approach to creative business support, combining expert face-to-face advice with a set of on-line tools and a dashboard.

It is being used in two main ways: firstly, by business support intermediaries, to assist their expert advisors deliver a thorough service for less money. Secondly, by incubators & coworking centres, to provide better targeted member support.

It offers creative businesses an effective way of receiving expert advice and following up the recommendations of that advice.  Creative Accelerator works with businesses in 4 key ways to help them:

[1] Review their growth strategy, vision, sales, marketing, finance and operational plans

[2] Help them adapt their business to competition, new technologies and changing market demands

[3] Think and work smarter across all aspects of their business.

[4] Help them set priorities and actionable goals for success over the coming months (and years)

The priority has been to design a methodology and create a tool that will use the time of business support advisors better. In these times of austerity there is less public money around to support the provision of business support services. It is imperative to maximise what can be achieved in each working day of an advisor. Download the full report here which discusses the tool and detailed evaluation results from users.


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This project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.