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Businesses need to collaborate better!  Cluster 2020 has been testing a range of approaches to cross-innovation…

CASE STUDY: Heritage Innovation Lab, Birmingham, UK

Cluster 2020 is delivering cross-innovation between creative companies and the tourism and heritage sector. Local museums and libraries set challenges, such as how to develop commercial uses of a recently built amphitheatre in Birmingham City Centre.

The methodology is to use innovation visualisation techniques to stimulate world-café style open discussions around how to solve the challenges. A call-to-action then facilitates the forming of consortia to develop solutions further. They collaborate in a web-environment where members have complete control over the Intellectual property (IP).

The heritage organisations then develop the best ideas further with a number of the most promising consortia, all working towards the funding of the best solutions. In some cases funding is not in place, so the lab is supporting the process of finding funding solutions elsewhere, such as through new commercial models.

Cluster 2020 have been working with Innovation Birmingham and their Innovation Engine for the visualisation part of this cross-innovation trial.

Other ECIA activity around Cross-Sectoral Innovation & ‘Spill-Overs’

In addition, the wider ECIA group has been doing detailed work around Demand driven innovation and Spillovers, which is another word covering the broad area of cross-innovation.

ECIA have also been working with a related project, looking at Practical Cross-Innovation through 40 case studies across 11 countries

Cluster 2020 – other trial activity…

Cluster 2020 will also be exploring cross-innovation in CASE STUDIES around Healthcare and the Low Carbon sector, further information later in 2014.





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