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Cluster Excellence and ‘Creative Industry Friendliness’ Report

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This report identifies the factors that make a programme, service or grant opportunity suitable or ‘friendly’ for use by creative businesses. It proposes a test which scores five factors:

1. Does the tool recognise the key characteristics of a creative business. ie., micro size, nature of employment, business models and processes?

2. Does the tool take into account the hidden assets/creative IP of the business?

3. Does the tool provide a platform or testing ground for developing new ideas and product applications, exploring new technologies and trying new things?

4. Does the tool require a fully skilled and resourced management team/board?

5. Does the tool ‘Keep it Simple’? For example, minimal bureaucracy, appropriate metrics, accessible help, easy-to-use on-line application form etc.

Programmes or services that score 15 or above on this test are deemed to be ‘Creative Industry Friendly’.

Essential characteristics include being accessible, market relevant, flexible, user focused, practical and able to add value.  Read the full report.


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