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Cluster 2020 – Impacts & Outcomes

            Cluster 2020 has completed its funded three year period. The executive summary of this work has now been published. 100+ events, 8,353 businesses reached via the web, 3,803 businesses attended our events and and 209 businesses ‘worked-in-detail’ with us across four countries. A multitude of tests have been done and … Continue reading »

Growth Opportunities for Creative Businesses

          Cluster 2020 have analysed what the high growth opportunities will be for creative businesses in the near future. Creative businesses are no longer defined by traditional sub-sectors (film, TV, games etc.), digital technology is changing the landscape for creative industries and the boundaries of traditional markets are becoming blurred. This … Continue reading »

‘Expert Videos’ Launched!

Respected business owners discuss key challenges and issues in a series of 5-8 minute ‘expert’ videos. Most videos take a different theme by intercutting the practical experiences of 3-4 practitioners. The focus is on creative and digital businesses and their issues, but many topics are relevant to business owners from any industry. 25 videos are … Continue reading »

Cluster 2020’s Global Trends Study … You Can Help!

Cluster 2020 will launch shortly a consultation on Trends and how they affect Creative & Digital businesses. At the heart of this study is a question “Where are the best potential new markets and opportunities for creative and digital businesses?” By identifying key growth sectors, emerging industries and relevant trends we can help individual SME’s make … Continue reading »

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