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Cluster 2020 – Impacts & Outcomes

            Cluster 2020 has completed its funded three year period. The executive summary of this work has now been published. 100+ events, 8,353 businesses reached via the web, 3,803 businesses attended our events and and 209 businesses ‘worked-in-detail’ with us across four countries. A multitude of tests have been done and … Continue reading »

Cluster Excellence and ‘Creative Industry Friendliness’ Report

This report identifies the factors that make a programme, service or grant opportunity suitable or ‘friendly’ for use by creative businesses. It proposes a test which scores five factors: 1. Does the tool recognise the key characteristics of a creative business. ie., micro size, nature of employment, business models and processes? 2. Does the tool … Continue reading »


Cluster 2020 is carrying out a Trends Analysis which aims to explore the trends affecting the creative industries and help identify emerging industries and cross sector market opportunities. Can you help us?  We are asking a range of industry experts to consider questions emerging from our study papers which will form the basis for discussion … Continue reading »

Cluster 2020’s Global Trends Study … You Can Help!

Cluster 2020 will launch shortly a consultation on Trends and how they affect Creative & Digital businesses. At the heart of this study is a question “Where are the best potential new markets and opportunities for creative and digital businesses?” By identifying key growth sectors, emerging industries and relevant trends we can help individual SME’s make … Continue reading »

Expert Video Clips – helping creative businesses succeed

Cluster 2020 are creating 60 x expert videos on key subjects relevant to creative businesses. They have launched three pilot videos, to get feedback, before producing the rest during 2013. What do you think? In these tough economic times, using the most efficient digital tools is a must for all businesses  Anthony Tattum explains the top 5 … Continue reading »

Next Generation Clusters & Support. Discuss!

Cluster 2020 has begun a discussion on what the shape of next generation clusters and business support should be. using a summary of established wisdom displayed as mindmaps the paper considers a range of topics which include: > What are the key characteristics of Creative & Digital Clusters > What are the four core things … Continue reading »

vienna april 2012

Cluster 2020 co-led a 2 hour workshop session in Vienna during April 2012 that explored a number of issues around supporting creative businesses. We worked alongside our colleages from the other cluster project that forms part of ECIA, the European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL). For more information on this workshop session take a look at http://www.clusterconference2012.eu/ … Continue reading »

policy learning platform

The policy, cluster manager and business support thrust behind Cluster 2020 is as part of the ECIA initiative to develop and support the creative industries. This project will report into and become a part of the blueprint that will enable any clusters or business support organisations to implement the most effective approach to supporting creative … Continue reading »

milan launch of ecia

Cluster 2020 was launched alongside the other ECIA projects during the Milano Innovation Festival in February 2012. For more info take a look at http://www.proinno-europe.eu/innovationfestivalevent/ LabKultur pulled together a summary of the event through words, pictures and videos, take a look at  http://www.labkultur.tv/en/video/innovation-festival-milano-future-europe-creative

access to finance

An important part of the ECIA’s overall approach to creative business support is to enable new streams of both loan and equity finance which have the right risk and IP (intellectual property) profiles to support the sector. For more on the ECIA finance projects have a look at HowtoGrow/ECIA/Finance.

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