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Cluster Excellence and ‘Creative Industry Friendliness’ Report

This report identifies the factors that make a programme, service or grant opportunity suitable or ‘friendly’ for use by creative businesses. It proposes a test which scores five factors: 1. Does the tool recognise the key characteristics of a creative business. ie., micro size, nature of employment, business models and processes? 2. Does the tool … Continue reading »

Best Incubation Practices aimed at supporting Creative & Digital Businesses

  This report from Cluster 2020 surveys eight creative sector focused incubation centres from Europe to the Middle East. It identifies the essential components of successful incubators factors as well as finds out what makes each one great. Underlying the report is the question:  Do incubators have to run different programmes and services to be effective … Continue reading »

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This project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.