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cluster 2020 blog presence goes live!

The team at Cluster 2020 are delighted to be live and building partnerships and collaborations amongst cluster managers and business support organisations. We are committed to making a difference to creative businesses to help them grow and proposer in these bought times. To find out more look around this site or follow the links to … Continue reading »

vienna april 2012

Cluster 2020 co-led a 2 hour workshop session in Vienna during April 2012 that explored a number of issues around supporting creative businesses. We worked alongside our colleages from the other cluster project that forms part of ECIA, the European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL). For more information on this workshop session take a look at … Continue reading »

policy learning platform

The policy, cluster manager and business support thrust behind Cluster 2020 is as part of the ECIA initiative to develop and support the creative industries. This project will report into and become a part of the blueprint that will enable any clusters or business support organisations to implement the most effective approach to supporting creative … Continue reading »

milan launch of ecia

Cluster 2020 was launched alongside the other ECIA projects during the Milano Innovation Festival in February 2012. For more info take a look at LabKultur pulled together a summary of the event through words, pictures and videos, take a look at

voucher schemes

An important part of the ECIA’s overall approach to creative business support is to test and enable the use of voucher schemes, which will help creative businesses access services they need from other creatives  AND enable creative services to be accessed by businesses in other industrial sectors, such as healthcare. For more on the ECIA Voucher … Continue reading »

business dashboard

Cluster 2020 will be testing and developing a business dashboard, giving participating businesses a visual display and representation of the various support options, signposted initiatives and networking connections that have been recommended for them.

access to finance

An important part of the ECIA’s overall approach to creative business support is to enable new streams of both loan and equity finance which have the right risk and IP (intellectual property) profiles to support the sector. For more on the ECIA finance projects have a look at HowtoGrow/ECIA/Finance.

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This project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.